Saturday, January 7, 2012

Organizing Bills

There's nothing better when I open my mailbox and see it empty. Meaning, no bills. But alas, it can't stay empty forever. Bills are a part of life. 

 The worst is when I have a pile of envelopes here, there and everywhere. I try to keep things organized, but sometimes it's difficult when there isn't a specific place for bills. 

  So to Pinterest I went. 


  After looking at these pictures, I decided to whip up something of my own design.

 I was cleaning up my kitchen and was going to toss some cereal boxes in the recycling bin, but decided to use them for this project. 

After cutting the tops off, I glued and then duct taped them together. 

 I picked some scrapbook paper from my craft room and covered the boxes with Mod Podge. 

I made tags from old paint chips and put stickers on the tags to mark "Paid" and "To Be Paid".

 It leans perfectly on the small bookshelf in my craft room. 

 Now I know what bills need to be paid and what ones need to be filed. Once I open the envelope, I check the date of when the bill is due and I enter it into my iPhone calendar so I get a reminder a couple days before it's due. 

 Organization bliss. The best part? Free. $0.00  

The only thing better would be to figure out how to keep the bills from coming...

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Good luck!


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