Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY Cleaners - Easy or hard?

I love a clean house. I'm sure we all do, but for most of us - or maybe it's just me - my house is rarely perfectly clean all the time. I'm sure we've all heard the lectures on green cleaners and have bought some at the store in an attempt to better our planet and keep our houses safer. Usually when I get home, I look at what I've bought and realize that what I've bought could either have been made at home for much cheaper or is not really "green". I found this pin a little while ago and I like the idea of it because it used a lot of the things that I have already on hand plus, it looked good too. 

                                                                               Source: via Melody on Pinterest

Here's the supplies that you'll need:

All of my supplies I found at either the grocery store, the dollar store or my favourite health food store. The total of the supplies came to about $15 and I could make quite a few batches with them. So my cleaning supplies cost me approximately $2 per bottle. Simply follow the directions on the website and you can even print off her cute little labels that she made.

As for how well it works, here is a before of my coffee table filled with snacks, fingerprints, and toys:

And here is the after (and what I wished it looked like all the time!):

(Yes, that is a fantastic book, don't judge me!)

The cleaner doesn't leave smudges and cleans as well as any "chemical" cleaner and it smells great!

Now, on to the winner of the cowl! Thanks for everyone's entries. We appreciate seeing how many people have started following us and all the encouragement that we are getting from everyone. We love your comments on our blog! 

The winner is:

BroHea who said: I follow you on pinterest, facebook and enjoyed the 'christmas snapshot/tour', 'Homemade babywipes', 'mirror mirror on the wall', 'table fit for a farmhouse'......I can go on. If I could knit...I would knit this! But I can't, so I will try to win it :)

If you could please contact us with your full name and address, we'll send the cowl your way! Thanks again to everyone who entered and don't worry, we'll have another giveaway soon. 

What else would you be interested in winning?

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