Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Disaster Zone

Upstairs in our home, we have a small linen closet. It's a cute little closet with built in shelves, curved ceilings and lots of floor space. Problem is, it has the tendency to become a dumping ground for things I don't know where else to put. 

I'm going to show you what it looked like before I performed a much needed cleaning/organizing. No judging k? 

I know. Nice. 

 I had already painted the walls the same colour as our living room because the closet had a funky old smell to it. You know the old house smell? It was getting onto our bedding and towels, so a couple of months ago, I gave the closet a good cleaning and gave the walls a coat of paint. I had also covered the shelves with some leftover contact paper that I had from another project.

After I pulled everything out of the closet, I sorted through the mess. I combined all the little sample soaps, lotions, shampoo, extra toothpaste and toothbrushes into a basket so that when guests come over (or I forget to pick up shampoo at the grocery store), we have it all in one place. 

I hung up a shoe organizer on the closet door and stuck all my cleaning supplies in the pockets for easy access and organization. 

The whole project didn't take that long and now I have a nice and clean linen closet! Since everyone likes before and after photos, here are some for you:  

My pillowcases are now combined in a basket instead of being left on the shelf. 

I also divided the hand towels and the bath towels with a shelf bracket as originally seen here. (Thank you Martha. It really is a good thing.) (Side note: we do have more towels. They are in the hamper waiting to be washed. Although I think I should have another bridal shower. I need new towels.)

Oh. And I know there are tutorials on the internet on how to properly fold your bedsheets...and I tried. I really did. I just don't know how people get them so perfect! If you know any tricks for me, let me know. Otherwise, mine will continue to be folded this way. 

Look! I can see the floor! It's amazing! 

Our extra paper towel rolls and toilet paper are now in a wire basket on the top shelf. 

The basket with the extra little bottles of lotions, shampoos and toothpaste is on the second shelf. I gathered all my nail polish paraphernalia in a small basket so it's easy access when I want to beautify my nails. 

I love clean and organized spaces. It just makes life a little bit easier when things are put in their proper spaces. 

Want some more organizing ideas? You can click on my "Organizing" board on Pinterest here

 Also, if you have some spare time, check out our friend Kelly's blog. In October she organized her house from top to bottom and shared for 31 days how she did it. She has some great ideas!

 So, does anybody else have hidden disaster zones? Also, please share your tips for folding bedsheets!!

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  1. Did you happen to see that pin where they have stuffed the bed sheets in the matching pillowcase? I like that idea and it did look nice and neat. I think I have it on one of my boards. It looks great! I love your idea with the pillow cases in the basket.

  2. Wow that looks great. Will you come down some of mine.. I have little storage here as you know. So I stuff my closets with all kinds of things..
    I have cleaned them out but they just somehow get piled up..


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