Friday, December 30, 2011

Modge Podge Baby Food Jar Lids

My baby girl has recently started eating solids, which results in me experimenting with the different types of foods she likes and dislikes. And since that yummy mushed up food comes in a jar, I am starting to accumulate quite the collection of baby food jars. Now, instead of recycling the jars, I decided to re-use them for various items in my not-so-junky-junk-drawer. 

I love the look of the pretty lids, and the added bonus of organizing your tiny items. This craft was fairly simple and didn't require a ton of thinking... my kind of craft. 

I started out with a card that I had received for my birthday that had a cute owl on it, the  lid, and a pencil. 

First step is to trace the lid onto the cardstock, followed by a larger circle traced over top, then using scissors, cut the larger circle out...

Next, you will need to cut slits from the outer circle into the smaller circle.

Once the entire circle has "flaps" all around, you are ready to modge podge the paper to the top of the lid. 

I let the cardstock and lid dry for a couple of minutes to make sure it was completely adhered, and the paper wouldn't slip once I started to glue the flaps down to the side of the lid. 

This step takes the longest to complete because you want to be careful that each flap is glued down properly to avoid any future lifting. 

Once all the flaps are glued down, apply a thin layer of modge podge to the entire top of the lid to seal the paper for a smooth finish. Once the lid is dry, you can fill up the jar with whatever you want; buttons, coins, thread, or glitter. I put pieces of chalk in my jar for easy access. 

Such a fun use for baby food jars. I know I will be dressing up plenty more of these jars in the years ahead for other little things around the house. 

What are some of your favourite uses for those baby food, salsa, or jam jars you have hanging around your house? 

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  1. it is a great outlet and at the very least will help you capture your baby food.


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