Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Christmas Snapshot

  I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We enjoyed these past few days eating (LOTS), watching Christmas movies, spending time with family, going to our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day church services, going Boxing Day shopping, and doing some traveling. Even though it sounds like a lot, it's been pretty relaxing.

  I haven't been doing too many projects lately, so here are a few highlights from our Christmas, via iPhone pictures:

Picking our small Christmas tree and decorating it.

Making Gavin's first Christmas hand print ornament (you can read about that here).  

Watching Holiday Inn (yearly tradition) and eating Christmas dinner at my parent's house. 

Watching Gavin open his Christmas presents: A hockey book and a Fisher Price "Apptivity case" for my iPhone so Gavin can watch movies of himself (his favourite pass time) without it getting all covered in drool. 

Snuggling with Oma while wearing Christmas pj's and being silly with temporary mustache tattoos.

 Experiencing Gavin's first airplane ride to visit my husband's family (He was perfect by the way! Not a peep out of him).

  Hope you have been enjoying your Christmas vacation! Anybody else doing some traveling? Who else has eaten so much they feel like they can't eat one more thing...until the next piece of chocolate or cookie comes around... Ya. Me either.

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