Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Master Bedroom

Over the last year and a half, our Master bedroom has remained the same. Unchanged and boring. So, I have been looking around Pinterest for ideas, for something that will catch my eye and motivate me to decorate in there. 

I came across this pin, and loved the simple idea of using a stripe to add some visual interest to the room. All I used was painter tape, a 3'x4' blank canvas and a few different shades of grey paint, as well as a cream and a yellow for accents, similar to this picture:

I love the different widths of stripes and the soft colours. The finished canvas now hangs over our bed, and is one of many different projects that I am working to complete. Here are a few other ideas I have seen, and want to get started.

via here, here, here and here

I am hoping to check these projects off my list one by one once the new year starts. What are some of the things you have been mentally putting on your list of things to do? And what is it about the Master Bedroom that seems to get decorated last? 

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  1. The master bedroom is *always* last, isn't it? My dream for 2012 would be to *finally* tear out the shower/tub that we have hated since we moved in 5+ years ago and DO IT RIGHT. Guess that will have to go at the top of the resolutions list :) I love the striped canvas. . .hmmmm. . .might have to steal that one from you. . .


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