Saturday, November 19, 2011

Roll up to Win!

If you live in Canada you'll understand the title. But this isn't about Tim Hortons in the spring. This is about your next dinner idea! Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups. 

So yummy. So easy. If you are ever in the mood for something sugary, fatty, or only have one ingredient on hand, Nutella, look no further but to Pinterest for recipe ideas. I have been inspired to bake many tasty treats from spending time on Pinterest. However, to even out those desserts, I've also been able to find many healthy dinner ideas. 

This is one of them. I actually made this for the first time two weeks ago when we were having guests over for dinner. Might have been a dangerous thing to do, especially if it didn't turn out correctly...but like I said, it was yummy, easy and impressive looking!

So I decided to make it again for dinner last night. My husband plays hockey every Friday night, and he likes to eat pasta before to have energy for the game (or something like that. I really don't know why it has to be pasta). Since we eat pasta every Friday night, this meal is a great alternative to the usual spaghetti. 

It seriously took me about 30 minutes to put together - from the noodles boiling to sticking everything into the pan. Easy.

I had a little helper as I was putting everything together. (He's starting to get out of his Bumbo. A few times I looked over at him as he's leaning over the side, practically kissing the floor. Not cool. Number one, the floor probably isn't the cleanest. Number two, it's getting harder and harder to just leave him in one spot. He's a mover!) 

Looks fancy, but it's simple! My kind of meal. 

I used whole wheat noodles, which is my preference! Maybe it makes them healthier so I feel better about eating two, three, a brownie in a mug?

    Enjoy! What's your favourite easy/impressive meal?  

P.s. If you guessed that my next project is redoing a pedestal table, you are correct! Hopefully I'll have pictures for you next week!   

Happy weekend!



  1. This is a favorite "easy" meal in our house. . .it's not pasta but I guess you could serve it over egg noodles. . .that would be good.
    Thanks for sharing these roll-ups. . .I made the wedding cupcakes that you posted awhile back this last week -- delicious!!!

  2. @jennibell
    Wow! That does look like a great simple meal. Thanks for sharing! Glad you liked the cupcakes. Faith is now our main cupcake girl for all special (and not-so special) occasions :P


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