Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Boring Closet Turned Reading Corner

Bet you thought that Melody and I were never coming back, right? Well we aren't gone! I guess we just took a really long break after blogging every day in October. Whew. Sorry about that. But we are back now and I have a sweet little project that I did this week in the playroom where I turned this closet into something way less dungy looking.
A couple of weeks ago, I actually cleared out this 'packed to the max' closet and threw out a lot of random junk and found places for everything else. Then it stood empty for a little bit until I threw down a blanket, a few pillows and a massive teddy bear that Jesse gave me when we were dating (it was a random purchase). 

The yellow, chipping walls were not to my satisfactory though, so after thinking how I could transform the closet, I decided on painting. However, by the time the boys are in bed at night, I am usually not feeling the mood to crack open a can of paint. So during a naptime, I cut up a few old books that had printing defects, were doubles or were already falling apart and stuck them on the wall with painters tape. I used painter's tape so that it wouldn't pull the plaster off the walls when we want to switch it up. After I strung up a strand of twinkle lights and made a pom pom garland, I called Gavin to see his new reading corner or "hideaway" as he calls it.
I love how cheerful it is with the colourful book illustrations. Gavin loves to cuddle with his huge bear and read his favourite books. I still have plans for the plain curtain that is front of the closet, but that will come later when I have some time. 

Now that we're back, we're looking forward to Christmas! We can't wait to decorate our houses and show you different things that we have been up to. 


  1. ahhh... I love this!!! Who knows, maybe someday we'll own our own place and be able to do cool things like this!

    1. Thanks Katrina! That's why I used painter's tape...or you could even use sticky tac! Then you don't have to worry about damaging the walls. :P

  2. that might be the most adorable thing EVER!


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