Friday, August 23, 2013

So Long Bookcase!

When Jesse and I were first looking at our home, we knew the kitchen needed a lot of work.
(This picture was taken after we moved in.) 
I had to move a bookcase in the kitchen just to allow for more storage. The cabinets were hideous as was (IS) the tile floor and there was a wallpapered backsplash that left little to be desired. 
I got to work and said goodbye to the wallpaper and painted the cabinets a nice creamy white.  I also redid the back of the bookcase just to give it a little more character.
Much better, but still the room needed something else. Well, as we know, I like to rearrange things, so the coffee maker and mugs moved to their own spot in the dining room. The bookcase was looking a bit emptier. I found a place for other things in the cabinets and soon I only had the jars and a few white pieces of dinnerware on the bookcase.
Melody mentioned one day that she had a nice stack of old barn boards in her garage and that I could have some! After giving the boards a light sanding, I bought some brackets, attached them to the boards and got rid of the bookcase. 
I can't believe how spacious the kitchen is now that the bookcase is gone! 
This project was the cheapest, most satisfying project that I think I have done around the house so far! Like the front door, I did this project during nap time. Unlike the front door, this project only took one nap time. :) Now I have storage, floor space, and something pretty to look at! 

Happy weekend! 


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