Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Front Door Love {After}

It took four days (or four nap times actually), sweat, and me ignoring housework, but the front door is finally finished. And I love it!
The paint colour is Vast Estates by Para Paints. I had toyed with the colour yellow or even blue, but it came down to making a seamless match to our green toned roof. 

Here's the transformation story of this door: 

I used Minwax paint remover, which removed the first layer of paint (latex) beautifully as you can see it bubbling below.
The second layer though, which was oil-based was more of challenge. That is when the sweat broke out. 
I chipped away at it with a scraper and was mostly successful. After a while though, the scraper wasn't it doing it's job anymore and I got out the sander and removed the rest of the paint that way.
(All primed and ready for the green) 
As you can see, new hardware has yet to make it on the door. There are a few steps before it gets installed as the previous owners made unnecessary holes in the door. We are tossing the idea around of putting a metal plate behind the door handle to hide some of the holes. We did keep the old deadbolt on the door though so we don't have to worry about people helping themselves to the contents of our home when we're away. :)
Since my favourite part of home decorating shows are the before and afters, here is a good one for you: 
Ahhh...MUCH better! 


  1. You finished your door quickly, Heidi. I guess I can finish repainting the door in a week or so! That’s a nice hue. I like it! I just think that little star deserves to be back in its place. What d'you think? :)

    Mason Mcnulty @

  2. Blue will always be charming, but green has its own appeal as well. Glad that you considered your existing exterior in choosing your front door color. And its time you patch or cover those unnecessary holes on your door. What do you think?

    -Katie Nicoll @ Clark Adams


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