Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Birthday Party {Numero Deux}

It's hard to believe, but Gavin is turning two tomorrow!
Look at those chubby cheeks! 
Gavin is definitely a little monkey these days! He makes me laugh each and every day with the things that he says. 
He is obsessed with hockey, big trucks, drums, his little brother, Curious George and being outside.

I am so thankful for this little boy!
Like we did last year, we are having a small family party, although I laugh at the word "small", because our family count is at 22, with the 23rd one on the way. :) 
We'll be having pizza, veggies and cake. I decided against a theme this time, but there will be sprinkles, balloons, and lots of pendant banners. Here is what I am thinking: 

Tomorrow we'll have balloons, donuts, a birthday shirt, and a few surprises throughout the day. I can't wait! :)

How do you celebrate your children's birthdays?


  1. I love everything about this! The sprinkles, the simplicity, I love it! Happy Birthday Gavin!

    1. Sometimes it's nice to do things simply...and sprinkles are a must for a birthday! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Gavin - Jameson celebrates the big 2 a month from today (where does the time go?!?!) Love your simple ideas - I'm thinking something similar for J's birthday, too. I did the sprinkle cake # idea for Audrey's 5th birthday, but reversed it so the number was made out of sprinkles, instead of a cut out, if that makes sense. Can't wait to see photos :)

    1. I have seen a cake done the way that you did it for Audrey's birthday, but they used a cookie cutter in the shape of the number. I thought about doing it that way, but couldn't find a cookie cutter. :) And happy birthday month to Jameson!


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