Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Quick Hello

I've been MIA for the last couple weeks with another bacterial infection. My immune system just doesn't seem to want to work with this pregnancy and so I've had lots of down time! I've been drinking lots of ginger tea and taking my antibiotics faithfully along with what seems like a bajillion other pills to counteract the effects of the medicine.

Awesome, right?

Thankfully the sun has been shining lately, the birds chirping, and my garden is growing. I'm learning to relax (even more!) and that it's ok to crochet in my chair while the kids fight all day play together.

I thought I'd show you a bit of my Instagram life:

I've also been trying out a few of my new pins and I'd have to say my favourite is this recipe for sorbet that's actually healthy. It. is. freakin. delicious. I tried a mixed berry one this morning and it is so awesome that I kinda want another bowl.

Hopefully next week I'll have a few of my DIY projects that I've been working on, until then, I'm going to grab another cup of coffee and go sit in the sun.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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