Monday, February 4, 2013

Organizing Papers - Not the Pretty Stuff

I wish I were talking about organizing scrapbook papers, but unfortunately I'm not. I'm talking about all the other stuff that we accumulate.

We have a lot of paperwork in our house. Between both of our jobs, I think we triple the amount of paperwork that a normal family would have.

I've been trying to keep everything organized by just putting it all in one place, but that's not working for us anymore. I've wasted too much time over the last few weeks looking for that "one paper" that we need right that very second and isn't where it's supposed to be. I was one frustrated lady.

I finally bit the bullet and went on an organizing shopping spree to Staples. Since all of this stuff is going to end up in plain sight, I wanted it to be pretty and functional.

Thank you Martha Stewart.

I bought all the stuff I needed for a fraction of the price thanks to some great sales. Now I'm on my way to organizing bliss.

Have you bought any great new products to keep your house running smoothly? What works for your paper organization?

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