Friday, February 8, 2013

Catch Up Day

We have had a really busy week of running here and there, play dates, Super Bowl parties, transitioning Gavin into his "big boy bed" (I'll be posting more room updates hopefully next week), doctor's appointments, cleaning up piles of forgotten socks that were thrown behind the crib...but finally it's Friday. And a snow day Friday at that. That means I am not going anywhere. 

Today is going to be full of snuggles and blankets, catching up on some laundry that needs folding AND putting away (why is that so difficult??), building towers with blocks and maybe a little crafting. Oh ya. And a nap. 

Happy Friday! What do you have planned today? 

(Oh, if you don't have anything planned for dinner tonight, check out the recipe that Melody posted yesterday for Mediterranean Chicken. I gave her the recipe years ago, but I can't even remember where I found it. You won't be sorry when you make this for supper!) 

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  1. lovely photos and yay for a catch up day. I had a sort of catch up day yesterday because I was home from work with sick little dude yesterday, but I'm back at it today. I love the belly shot in your photo collage - getting so close!


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