Wednesday, January 30, 2013

{Round Two} Organizing the Scrapbook Paper

Last Friday, I showed the great mess of scrapbooking paper that I was in the middle of organizing. Well I am happy to report that I have tackled the mess! 
And one more before and after loveliness. 
Ahhh...It feels great to be a least a little organized again. I did decide to cover the old army green folders with wrapping paper, and I'm glad I did. They looks so much more happier with a little floral wrapping paper. I had to cut down the folders so they would fit in this old box/crate/who knows what to call it that I had purchased years ago. 

I even organized the scrappy, small pieces that had little bits taken off from using with my Cricut. Those went into a photo album box, where I cut down some more old folders and organized the paper by colour. 
Extra albums went into a metal container and pads of paper that I didn't want to seperate and organize, went into the old divider with extra 12x12 plastic sheets and 12x12 sticker sheets.
So that is where I am at so far. One wall completely organized and ready for some creativity. As you can see, I do have one thing hanging on the wall above the bookcase (which is an IKEA expedit shelving unit) and I have ideas for the blank space beside it.

This whole organizing project was f.r.e.e., which is, as you know, my favourite kind of project. If you decide to organize the spaces in your home, look around  and see what you can use before you go out and purchase expensive organizing tools. You will never know what you will find! 

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