Monday, January 14, 2013

First Impressions

Doing something with my front entryway has been on my list for a while. 3 years to be exact. Since it is the absolute first thing you see when you come in my house, I wanted it to be clean and fresh and organized. The original owners had put some vinyl down that maybe was attractive (or just cheap!) in its day, but just wasn't cutting it anymore. It was starting to rip in the corners and no matter how I scrubbed, it looked dirty all the time.

When we had bought the tile for our basement renovation, my husband made sure that we got enough for the front entry as well. Smart thinking right? Well it was smart, but unfortunately, it sat in our garage for over a year.

Over the weekend, Heidi's husband Jesse graciously stepped in and offered to tile the rest of the floor for me. He. Is. Awesome.

Gavin, Bella, & Sienna making sure that Jesse's doing his job.
He ended up doing the whole thing in just a few hours. Talented, right?

I'd have to say that it changes the whole look of that area. It's still waiting to be grouted, but it still looks fantastic.

The view from the top of the stairs.
You can definitely tell where the trim is missing in this picture. But it just looks so pretty!
Step one for that area is complete. Here is what the rest of my list looks like for that area:

- tile the floor
- repaint the trim
- paint the walls
- put new treads on the stairs to the basement
- find a new ceiling fan

A few of these things will have to wait till the spring when it's a bit warmer around here, but I'm hoping to tackle a few of them before the end of February. We'll have to see how it goes. In the meantime, I'm going to be gazing at the floor in adoration.


  1. Its great to have family who are so handy!! looks great!

    1. Thanks! My family really is pretty awesome. Now I just need to find my nail gun so I can put the trim back on!


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