Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wrapping with Kraft Paper

It is less than a week away from Christmas. 


I have mentioned before that my family doesn't go crazy with Christmas presents. We draw names, set a $$ limit and we then we also buy (or make) the kiddies something. I am almost done the shopping part of Christmas, which I really don't mind. I love finding something that I know the other person will love. 

I also really like wrapping presents. I haven't done any wrapping yet this year, but I have been finding a few ideas to make the outside of the present look just as special as the inside. 

This year I have a couple rolls of brown kraft paper that I want to use up and make Christmassy (my special word). I love that kraft paper is so versatile and that it can be decorated for any occasion. I have compiled a few ideas that will help me as I crack open the new tape dispenser and scissors. 

Happy wrapping! 


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