Friday, December 7, 2012

Mirror to Chalkboard

One of the important parts of this year's Christmas mantle, is the chalkboard with a wreath hanging in front of it. I love that I can change the word each week, write a Christmas lyric, or write a favourite Christmas poem.
This chalkboard was an easy DIY project that I did one afternoon. When we renovated our bathroom, we took down the generic mirror and in it's place went an oval mirror that I found at Winners

That left a plain mirror leaning on one of the walls in the hallway. It never found it's way downstairs to the basement (funny how that happens), so I decided to give it a coat of chalkboard paint and turn it into something useful!

I knew I wanted the edges of the mirror to still be seen, so after taping off the edges with a good quality painter's tape, I gave the mirror a first coat of chalkboard paint with a foam roller. 
There are no pictures of me rolling chalkboard paint, but if you have ever painted, you know what it looks like. Nothing too special. 

The paint went on pretty thick, but I still gave it one more coat for good measure. 

After letting it dry in a closed room for three days, it was ready to be 'conditioned'; i.e. rub chalk all over it and then cleaned off. 

Then came the fun part of writing on it! I wrote one of my favourite lines from a Christmas album that I am loving right now.
I love that the edges of the mirror still can be seen. It adds a little sparkle to the large black rectangle on the wall. 
Besides the chalkboard paint, which I found was the cheapest at Canadian Tire, this project was free. My kind of project. 

Have you jumped on the chalkboard train?


Leave us a comment below! We'd love to know what you think. :)


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