Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Mantle

This year my Christmas decorating style is 'keep all the breakable stuff on the very top shelf so Gavin doesn't break it'. So far so good. 

A poinsettia here and there, pinecones with lights shining through, fake mini trees and splashes of red is the way I am going in my Christmas decorating.
Usually I set out our little village of Christmas houses and shops that Jesse and I have bought and painted over the years, but the only place to put them is at the perfect height for a certain little gentleman to grab and pull the ground. And that is why one of them ended up in the apothecary jar and the rest of them are stored away for another year. 
I found mini poinsettia plants at Home Depot for a really good price, so I picked up a couple and one found it's way into one of my favourite thrift store finds. 
I hung a wreath over a chalkboard and wrote the word: Hope, which is one of the words from the four weeks of advent. We have hope because of Jesus.
I find that you don't need a lot to decorate for Christmas. It's sometimes better when it doesn't overwhelm the space. Touches of coziness here and there, just enough to say "Christmas is here". 

(You can see how I decorated the mantle last year for Christmas here.)

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  1. Looks really pretty Heidi! Love the pinecones and lights!

  2. I love the wreath on the chalkboard! Super cute.

  3. Your mantel is super cute! I am hosting a Christmas mantel linky party right now and I would love if you stopped by to link your up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change


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