Friday, December 28, 2012

Play Tool Box

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We have been enjoying these past few days of just relaxing and not having a real big agenda. Jesse went back to work yesterday and Gavin and I puttered around the house, watching the snow fall. 

One thing I did do yesterday, something that a lot of parents are also probably doing or will be doing, is organized the toys. Even though Gavin didn't get a lot of toys for Christmas, (we decided to keep things simple with a few toy cars, some books and one of Jesse's old hockey sticks cut down to Gavin's present ever), things were looking a little unorganized in the toy corner.
One present that Gavin got from his aunt and uncle was a big collection of Home Depot play tools. He loves "being like daddy" with his own tools. While tidying up Gavin's toys, I decided to give the tools their own little spot. 
I took the old crayon caddy, which was creating more throwing opportunities for Gavin than actual creativity and gave it a paint job. 
I then taped off the top so I could give the bottom a touch of gold. 
I have great help around here. 

Once it dried, I cut out some letters with my Cricut and glued them on with mod podge. Because the mod podge has a gloss to it, I didn't want just the words to be glossy, so I just gave the whole thing a light coat of mod podge. 
Now when Jesse is fixing little things around the house or building Gavin his new bed (which will hopefully be soon now that Jesse has a brand new drill from Christmas!), Gavin can bring along his little tool box and "help". 

Happy weekend!


  1. looks absolutely fantastic - bet Gavin loves it, too :)

    1. Haha I think I love it more than he does right now. But when he came downstairs after his nap and saw it all finished on the coffee table, he was excited for a short moment!


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