Friday, November 2, 2012

{Phase One} Coat Closet Makeover

Two weeks ago, I told you about our coat closet. Mainly that it was a disaster. 
See all that pile of who knows what on the top shelf? Well no longer! 
It's amazing what a little tidying can do. :) Oh that and pulling out all the winter jackets and putting away the summer stuff. (sad)
 Hats and mittens went into one basket and my enormous collection of scarves (which I did go through and purge by the way) went into another basket. We haven't had snow yet, so I don't know how the hats and mitts basket will end up later on as it gets colder and the white stuff comes, but I'm hoping for the best (and still some organization, aka, not on the floor).

This is labeled as phase one because I have some ideas to "pretty it up". It may involve paint, labels, and maybe a chalkboard section if I get real crazy. 

I guess Melody and I are on the same brain wave with tidying up closets, because she tidied her craft room closet yesterday! Check it out if you haven't already.  

Happy weekend! 


  1. How on earth does a family of 3 have so many coats? LOL! Good job with the top shelf.

    1. I know right!? I swear they are all Jesse's (Okay, I have one hanging up in there and Gavin has two). They are all for something I guess! And I did purge some too. :P


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