Monday, October 15, 2012

Selfish Sewing

I don't often get much time to make or create things for my own house. I love making things for other people but sometimes I just want to be selfish. So this weekend I sewed a few things for myself on the weekend.

Making some new pillows has been on my "sew list" since August. Pathetic right? From the time it took me to drag out my sewing machine until I poofed (that's a word, right?) it on the couch, it only took me 30 minutes. Not too shabby!

I like to make all of our pillow covers removable since I have two toddlers and there is no way that I can keep that baby stain-free. If you are unsure of zippers, then envelope style is for you.

I have a few more pillows that I'm wanting to make before the end of the week. Hopefully my week won't get away from me too much!

Have you done any "selfish" crafts lately? Come share with us!


  1. Yes! After knitting baby presents for everyone I know having babies, I'm making a dress for my own baby...who is now 2. I even splurged and bought the good yarn. I'm pretty exited about it...

    1. That's pretty exciting! I can definitely relate to that. I usually make something for everyone else before starting anything for myself. I wonder why that is?!
      What pattern are you using for your daughter?


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