Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{Pinterest Challenge} Book Wreath

Last Friday, I told you that I was going to join the Pinterest Challenge that four lovely bloggers were putting out to anyone who wanted to be involved. 

41 weeks ago (don't you love how Pinterest keeps track of when you have pinned something...*insert sarcasm here*), I saw this picture from the Nester

It has seriously been in my mind for a while to put over our fireplace and this was the opportunity. I wish I had made it sooner, because I love it. 
It was really easy to make. 
Take apart an old book. I have a nice little stock pile of books that are past the interest of reading and are perfect for crafts like this one. 

Plug in your hot glue gun and get ready to start rolling the pages into cones. 
I used an old grapevine wreath because that is what I had on hand, but I would suggest using a wreath that has a smoother surface. I have seen some made with straw wreaths or even pool noodles. The grapevine wreath made things hard to be consistent with the cones, but I did what I could. 

Once you have your first layer of cones glued onto your wreath form, flip it over and keep on gluing in layers. 
If you choose to add a small mirror, glue it to the middle with a strong glue. I actually chose carpenter's glue. It worked really well and I don't have to worry about it falling off in the middle of the night! 
  I love that it is something different from our normal mirror. 
So did you end up making something for this fall Pinterest challenge? If you use Pinterest, what is your ratio of pinning / doing


  1. I love these book page wreaths, and yours turned out so great! The little mirror in the center is a perfect addition :)

  2. Never seen this before, but I love it!


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