Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to Normal

Last week was not the best week for me. I ended up going to the emergency room twice to find out what was wrong. The second time, the doctor actually diagnosed me and gave me some medicine. Thankfully it seems to be working and I'm starting to feel like myself again. I didn't do anything but lay in bed for a week. That is very strange for me and by Saturday, I was definitely feeling it.

Last night I picked up my needles and did something with myself. That felt wonderful.

Being so sick for a week did allow me to analyze what is truly important in my life and count my blessings.

My little Bella brought this to me to help "Mommy's ouchie".  She's the sweetest!
I know it's not thanksgiving anymore, but here are my top five things I'm thankful for:

  1. My husband. He was absolutely wonderful the entire week even though I know it wasn't easy for him. He's not a natural "mom" but I could tell how much he loved our family this week. 
  2. My kids. I wasn't able to hug or kiss my girls for an entire week and it killed me. The last few nights when I've had to get up to settle my girls back to sleep, I haven't been grumbling as much!
  3. My moms. I just have to say that I have two of the best moms in the world. My mom took my girls for most of the week so that I could get better and took me to my doctor's appointments. My MIL came over and cleaned and grocery shopped for us. They are both so wonderful and I hope I can be as awesome as they are some day.
  4. My health. I am normally a very healthy person and I have to thank God for that. It was frustrating for me to be sick and have to lay there but I know that God can use the times when we have nothing left to show us what is truly important.
  5. Our health care system. I know it has a lot of flaws and I know that I grumble about it quite a bit, but this week I was more than thankful for it. The doctors and nurses were wonderful and I'm so thankful that we have free health care and health benefits. I'm not stressed about extra bills to pay this week!

So this week, my job is to get myself better. My husband had to leave for work again this week so it's just me and the girls. I'll be watching lots of Downton Abbey (I'm seriously addicted now), doing lots of knitting and playing catch up with work.

Here's a tiny peak of a Christmas present I'm working on now:

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I'm not sure if I'll be back on Thursday yet. 

I know Heidi has an awesome project to show you tomorrow. It. is. gorgeous.

Did anyone else take the challenge and make something??


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  2. Glad you are feeling better Melody! :) Such wonderful things to be thankful for. Your knitting looks really good by the way.

  3. Ohh -- keep getting better! And I'm dying to see the finished Christmas present...

    1. Thanks Laura, I hope I'm done by then! This one is going to take me forever :)


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