Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting Cozy

This past Monday, I was tired. My computer stopped working. We had a really busy weekend. And my house was messy from our busy weekend. But pregnant me, instead of sitting on my couch while my little one napped in the late afternoon, I decided to clean, organize and decorate for fall. Sure. Why not? 
 I found this cute free printable over at the blog, "it is what it is"
Lentils in a jar, a faux wood candle holder and a cute picture of my little boy change the summer looking shelf into something a little warmer. 
An easy way to decorate for fall is with leaves. Now, these are fake (until I have time to get out and get some real ones), but putting leaves in a clear vase is simple and colourful. 
The other bookcase just got a clean up and a simple white jar with a (again fake...for now) sprig of leaves. 
After I was done, I then put my feet up and spent the evening relaxing and playing with Gavin. When my home is tidy and a looking at least a little organized, I feel like I can really relax and feel rested. Plus, I really love fall, so breaking out the small pumpkins and leaves was fun for me. :) 

Up next: the fireplace mantle. Nothing too fancy, but just a little change for the season. 

What about you? Do you do a little cozying up your home for the fall season? Anyone else love the mini pumpkins? 

(If you want to read up on the transformation of my bookcases or see what they looked like before I changed them up for fall, click here)

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