Thursday, September 27, 2012

Turning One Dress

This Saturday, my little baby is turning one. I can't believe it! Where did the year go? Now she's walking and babbling and has a little personality all her own. I love her so much!

I decided I wanted to make her a special dress for her first birthday. I ordered the fabric from fabric worm (love them!) and decided on the dress that I wanted to make. I have a McCall pattern that lets you customize your dress and I've probably made about 8 different dresses from this pattern. It was definitely worth the money!

The dress that I made has sweet little cap ruffle sleeves (who doesn't love ruffles?!) and is lined for extra warmth. I made the length Shirley Temple length so we could see those sweet, chubby knees of hers.

Instead of adding a zipper like the pattern suggested, I covered some buttons with the same fabric and added them on instead.

I couldn't get any good pictures of her in the dress since she's just discovered walking and is lightning fast but look at those cute ankles!

The total cost of the dress was $10. Not too shabby! I find it's always cheaper to make dresses than buy them. Plus you get to customize!

Has anyone tried Heidi's recipe for pumpkin spice lattes yet? I was in Starbucks today and they had run out of the flavouring!! I might have to try that recipe tonight :)

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  1. absolutely positively ADORABLE and Happy Birthday to your sweet girl :)


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