Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Renovation News...

If you have ever done a renovation at home, you understand that things usually don't go according to plan. We had planned on having the bathroom all ripped out on the Friday night of the long weekend and then Jesse would have Saturday and Sunday to repair walls, lay down the tile and then he could grout on Monday. Easy peasy. 

And then this little girl was born on the Thursday night before the long weekend.
Faith's new little girl, Eve! Jesse really wanted to visit her in the hospital after he was done work on Friday night, so we brought them supper and enjoyed snuggling our new niece.

There is nothing better than snuggling a newborn right? That meant though that the bathroom demolition plan was a bit delayed, but that was okay. There was time to catch up. But little did we know how bad things were underneath the surface. (You can read here about the mold and all the other problems that caused our plans to be delayed)

So, as of right now, we have been able to use our bathtub (yay!) and can see ourselves in the mirror to make sure there is nothing stuck in our teeth and can look upon our nicely painted walls, but there is no use of the shower yet and the floor is covered with tools and grout buckets. 
When I look at my bathroom though and all the beautiful tile work that my husband has worked late into the night on, I get so proud of him! I never get to see his work that he does for other people, so now that I'm able to see the perfect lined up tile and the nice grout lines, I can understand why people love what he does so much. He has done a beautiful job and is so excited about it! (Sappiness is over. Sorry.)

Tonight he plans to grout the shower and then {hopefully} we can start getting our bathroom back in order...and decorated! 

In other news, another small renovation is in the works.
We are all so excited about this new little arrival coming sometime in February! 

I'm sure in the future Melody will be writing about different DIY baby things and I'll be sharing my favourite children's bedrooms and all that other fun stuff. :)

Happy Wednesday everyone! 


  1. Jesse does fantastic work! He did our backsplash and its the first going people notice when they come in to our kitchen.

    1. Thanks Michelle! Jesse actually took a picture of it for me so that I could see what your new renovation looked like. :) Looks awesome!


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