Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From Craft Room to Guest Room

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about preparing spaces in your home for guests staying overnight. Even if you aren't one of the lucky few who have a guest room, you can still make areas in your home where your guests can rest their head at night and feel welcome. 

I'm going to show you one of the two spaces that I have prepared for our guests to stay over this weekend. 
My grandma offered to give us her fold up bed and it fits perfectly in this small space.

I moved the rocking chair out of the room and as you can see, the lamp and the blind have moved to another area of the house (nothing stays the same for long). 

I cleared some of the craft supplies that were on top of the cabinet to make a space to put on makeup in the morning. 

Because we can see our neighbour's house in our backyard, the bamboo blind that you can see through, wasn't a good fit. I'm going to find another blind and throw up a curtain to give privacy.

So that's how I made my craft room into a small guest space.

Where do you have guests stay when they are in your home? Do you have a big comfy couch that you make into a bed? Maybe throw down an air mattress in the living room? 


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