Friday, August 24, 2012

Exciting News

Are you ready for it? 

We are renovating our bathroom! Yahoo! 

Our bathroom is gross, terrible, disgusting. Not because I don't clean it. I keep a pretty clean bathroom. 

No, our bathroom is old. Moldy. And just disgusting. 

Broken tiles on the floor. Drywall that is chipping away by the shower. Mold growing in the window frame that is in the bathtub (don't get me started). 

Sounds like a horror house doesn't it? Here are some pictures:
So maybe you don't think it's that bad. You've seen worse. Okay, but it's still gross. 

But the day has finally arrived. Fresh drywall. New tile. Paint. A non-rusty light fixture. No more mold in the window frame in the shower. Goodbye old plastic shade. 

We aren't going to replace any of the fixtures in the bathroom. The toilet, pedestal sink and tub are all staying. They are in good shape, so we decided to keep them. Plus the tub is cast iron, which means heavy, and we aren't in the position to carry it down the stairs and lug a new one up the stairs. So it's staying. 

I have been scrolling through Pinterest for a while now, drooling over the gorgeous bathrooms, getting ideas for our bathroom. Our bathroom is the size of a postage stamp, so we can't do anything crazy with vanities or constructing a lounge space in one of the corners.

I am going to make up a moodboard with some ideas that we're hoping to incorporate into our bathroom. That will be for you to see tomorrow! 

Anybody else have any other crazy/disgusting/sad-looking bathrooms? How about the window in the shower? Who decided that would be a good idea!? 

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  1. It’s been almost 3 months since you posted this blog. I hope your bathroom is now fully renovated! But to avoid mold formations in your new bathroom, make sure that you now have a good drainage for your sink and shower. The thing is, if the water does not drain as quickly as you run water, then you have a problem. You can use a bleach solution to unclog the drains.

    Herb Koguchi


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