Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bathroom Details

Yesterday I shared the exciting news that we finally get to renovate our bathroom. We've been living in less then desirable conditions in our bathroom. No matter how much I clean and scrub, I still can't get over the broken tiles, mold, and drywall that is missing by the bathtub. 

We've purchased our tile and it just needs to be picked up from the store. We decided to go the subway tile route, but instead of plain subway tile, it has a beveled edge. Ooo fancy.
The tile is going to go along the bottom half of the bathroom walls and continue into the shower. A piece of chair rail tile is going to finish off the top edge in the main part of the bathroom. 

A while ago, my parents renovated their basement and put in a bathroom downstairs. They had some floor tile leftover so we'll be using that for our floor. Cost: free!

Next up is lights: Gavin and I went window shopping at one of the big box stores to price out light fixtures and to see what was available. These are the two contenders that we need to decide on. I'm leaning towards the one in the middle, especially since it is cheaper at $55.00 and the other one is $69.00 (give and take a few pennies). 

So those are our plans so far. I still need to decide on paint and hooks, towel holders, fun stuff like that. These are some of the pictures that inspired these decisions. Remember, like always, don't pin from this post. Click the link and go to the website. 
The Lettered Cottage, source unknown, Houzz

To say I'm excited is putting it lightly. Jesse will be ripping out everything next Friday if everything goes well. It's a long weekend here, so it's the best time. That also means we won't have a shower for a few days, but hopefully we can get the toilet in sooner than later. :S 

Happy weekend!

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