Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And the Countdown is On

Well, the tile is officially waiting in our basement for this weekend when Jesse and one of my younger brothers can install it. Jesse brought it home last night and we decided on a pattern that we both loved. 

I didn't take a picture of it when it was lying on the table (of course), but this is the very similar layout:

Now that we have the tile, my next job was to go and buy a mirror so that Jesse would know how high to tile from the top of the sink to the bottom of the mirror. 

So last night, Gavin and I (Jesse was busy) went out to get a mirror. We first tried Home Sense, but no luck. Winners (which is the same company as Home Sense) was right across the street, so that was our next stop. 

And success!
 (I just propped it up on the faucet)

Because the bathroom space is not large...actually it's really, really tiny, I knew I wanted an oval mirror so that we could still see ourselves as we got ready in the morning, but wouldn't overpower the space. 
(Gavin's favourite past time: throwing the extra toilet paper out of the basket) 

Here is the purchases checklist as it stands: 

1. Tile 
2. Curved shower curtain rod
3. Mirror
4. Hooks for towels
5. Light fixture
6. Shower head fixture 
7. Paint 

We did pick up a light on Saturday afternoon! 

Of course there is all the not-fun, but necessary stuff, like drywall, grout, mud, etc. I'm leaving that up to Jesse to get though, because he's the professional after all. :)

We're excited to see things come together after all our planning and dreaming since we moved in two years ago. I'm not really excited about the toilet and shower being unavailable to use for the whole weekend though...

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