Monday, July 16, 2012

Family Vacation Week

My husband was able to get a week off from work last week. He has a job that takes him away from home quite a bit, so when he's home, we try to spend as much time together as a family as possible.

Our city is pretty central to a lot of southern Ontario's best cities and so instead of a big vacation, we took a few day trips to see some places we hadn't seen in a while.

On Friday, we got to take a trip just the two of us to one of my favourite spots. Niagara Falls!

It is definitely a cool place to go. The summertime is busy but it's so beautiful! The weather was hot and sunny. We went to Niagara On The Lake first and walked around all of the interesting little shops and had some great food at the cute little park that is right downtown. Then we took the scenic route to Niagara Falls.

We were planning on going behind the Falls but we took a walk instead and missed the timing for it.

We walked up and down Clifton Hill and above where all the beautiful hotels were. It was a perfect day!

On Saturday, we took a trip with our friends to the Toronto Zoo. Bella is obsessed with animals and she absolutely loved it! She kept naming all the animals that she wanted to see and was mesmerized by the lions, rhinos, and bears. We got the grizzly bears just in time for feeding so they were moving around quite a bit. It was so cool to see!

Now that we're home again, it's back into the normal routine of life. The laundry needs to be folded and  the dishes needed to be done. It's great to have those wonderful breaks from life but it is terrible to come back and clean up after it!

I did get some new magazines so now I'm inspired to clean and organize my house. Hopefully we will have a beautiful week for that! How did everyone spend their weekend? Have you gone away for your family vacation yet and where did you go? 


  1. looks like you took some wonderful little trips!! I have a real fondness for Niagra Falls - I've been there 3 times - I have a photo of my Mom and myself in front of the falls when I was only 2 years old!!

    Coming back to the household chores is no fun, but it's so worth it to get away.

    To answer your question, yes, we already had our family vacay - to Sea Isle City, NJ a few weeks ago. It was so wonderful!!!

    1. The trips were wonderful :) When you went to Niagara Falls, did you end up on the Canadian or American side? I've only ever been to the American side once. Sea Isle City sounds wonderful too!


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