Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bathroom Cabinet Redo

I've had a very good week for getting things done. Last week, I took apart my bathroom cabinet and started to re-stain the whole thing. I'm not going to lie, it was a lot of fun! I love the process of DIY-ing and the fact that I saved a lot of money for a whole new look for my bathroom. I'm still waiting to order some new hardware since the old hardware was completely awful. What were they thinking with gold and wood tones?!

But now I love the cabinet. I don't even mind the counter anymore! The dark espresso of the cabinet pulls more grey and white tones out of it instead of the green.

I know the pictures aren't wonderful, but today it rained for the first time in a month and the lighting in the bathroom is terrible. When it's all done and put together, I'll (hopefully!) get some really good pictures. But just trust me when I tell you it looks wonderful!

I would have loved to have ripped out all the cabinets and put in beautiful new ones but after having a good conversation with both my dad (who owns a high-end kitchen company) and Faith (did you know she's a designer??), we all agreed the cabinets were in really good shape and there wouldn't be any new radical look that could be accomplished in either that space or the kitchen. Sometimes it's just better to re-use what you have instead of throwing it all out. In this case it saved me a lot of money! Instead of a few thousand dollars for a new cabinet, I've updated it for about $50. Not too shabby!

And yes, if you've noticed, in the pictures my "handles" are bits of painters tape. My dad always puts on painters tape while you're waiting for your hardware. That way you can still open the doors easily!

Next week, I'll be starting on the kitchen which will probably take me a lot longer than the bathroom did. For the weekend, I'm headed off with my girlfriends for a weekend of fun! I'm so excited! 

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  1. Love it! It turned out great and will look even more amazing with the hardware! Any tips you have because I think our cabinets are similar to yours and my ultimate goal for our house is to stain ours just like yours actually, would be helpful. But that only comes when I get the new vanity for downstairs and can move the other one up and make a double sink! And we have enough to do everything else that will come with turning it into a double sink, so we have time!

    Have an awesome trip this weekend. Not going to lie Im jealous and wish I could come, but am so excited for you guys all to get away together!

    1. It's actually super easy to do. I'm planning on starting my kitchen tonight. You won't be able to buy the stain on Amazon - you can actually get it straight from a company in Saskatoon. I loved it because you don't really have to prep other than making sure things are really clean. Sanding each door takes about 30 secs. Give yourself lots of room to let the cabinets dry and give them lots of time! Especially the urethane portion of it. The last thing you want is prints or smudges all over your drawers. If you want more help, just FB me :)


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