Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers Day Craft for Kids

Since Mother's Day is this Sunday, I decided to make a craft with my daughter Claire for my mom and my mother in law.  It was a simple project; finger painting. I figured an eleven month old could handle the task at hand. And thankfully, no paint was eaten, my walls and floor stayed clean, and the only thing that had paint on it, was the paper... and Claire. Success! 

I got the idea to make this craft from this pin here, and it was such a fun activity to make. 

I started out with green painters tape, and placed it in strips on the table so I could trace the letters on it and then cut them out.

 After I had my letters, I stuck them to the paper so Claire could paint.

Once the modern day Picasso was finished, I let the paint dry, then slowly peeled the tape away to reveal the lettering. None of the paint got under the tape and it didn't damage the card stock when I removed it either.

Happy Mothers Day on Sunday to all the mom's who read our blog! I hope you have a blessed day, and are spoiled rotten by your husband and children! 

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