Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dining Room Designs

Last week I showed you two pretty big projects that we had been working on around here (if you missed them, you can catch up here: rustic bookshelves in the living room and the dining room lamp makeover). Now that these projects are complete, I've been working on plans to finish decorating the dining room. It's only been two years. Not bad. :)

First up, art for the wall: 
 One of the good things in getting ready for a yard sale (My house is looking like a disaster, but a good disaster. I can't wait to get rid of this stuff!) is finding tons of empty frames that are waiting to be spray painted and filled with art.

This is the picture that is inspiring me: 
{Please don't pin this picture! If you love it as much as I do,
click it to go to the original source!} 

Second thing on my list is the dining room chairs: 
 They need help. I haven't decided on what fabric I want to use - either a pattern or plain. I am hoping to reupholster them myself though. 

The last thing is to hang up a bamboo blind. It's not top priority because we have the curtain, but a blind gives a little extra privacy, especially since we live in the city and are surrounded by neighbours. 
 {Please don't pin this picture! If you love it as much as I do, click it to go to the original source!} 

So those are some of my ideas. Hopefully I'll get some artwork up and be able to show you on Saturday! I do have one more project that I want to do for that wall, but I'll let you be pleasantly surprised in a few days. :) 

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  1. loving your ideas - what a cozy little space! I wish I had a little dining room... we just have an "eat in" kitchen, but there's hardly any space. I definitely have some updating to do.

    Oh, and I'm getting ready for a yard sale, too - this Saturday - CAN'T WAIT!

  2. I love your ideas. You probably have already chosen since Im just catching up on some posts now but I vote a fun pattern on the chairs. I know its not as safe and you are more likely to want to change them sooner, but they can add so much character and personality which you totally have and could pull it off as long as the pattern wasnt too crazy since its not a huge space you dont want it to overpower. But of course if you went with solid colour thats a good choice too! Either way your house always looks great!


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