Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Wreath

Since it's the middle of March, and at the suggestion of one of our followers (thanks Andrea!), I decided to start decorating my house for spring a little bit. The outside of my house is not that attractive to begin with. I live in a house that looks just like every other house out there. I'm not even joking. The colours that the original owners picked are a grey and ... purple. The shutters, garage door, and front door are all purple. To change the colour would cost too much money so I'm stuck trying to find ways to make everything look a little more attractive. While roaming through all of my things that are still in the garage, I picked up one of my Christmas wreath forms that I hadn't stored away yet, some burlap, some old fake flowers that were sitting in a pile, and a Christmas ornament. I got out my glue gun and some pins and got to work.

This is not my front door, but it was pouring rain when I wanted to take pictures. I'm not dedicated enough to get soaked for a picture!
I didn't want to glue the burlap to the form so I simply pinned it instead. That way, by the time that Christmas comes again, I can still use the form. I cut the flowers and then pinned and glued them to the burlap. My front door is unprotected from the wind and rain and I need to make sure that it will stay. The bird is actually a Christmas ornament from when I was a child. 

The total cost of everything was $0. By using things that I have on hand, I can afford to spend some money on other things for the front of my house. Like flowers, and galvanized pails and other wonderful things. 

If you wanted to make one of your own, try the dollar store. Now is the time of year when all their Easter/spring things are out and you could easily find everything to make your own version!

How is your spring decorating coming? Any great ideas that you want to share with us?


  1. super cute, Melody - what an adorable idea! I have plans to make a spring wreath this weekend, but haven't yet decided which type. I like the look of burlap!

  2. super cute. And free is THE BEST IDEA most the time

    Mommy Sauri~


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