Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Splash of Colour

Sorry for the lateness of this post today, but it has been so beautiful outside!

We went to the park, 

and played on the swings! 

Because of this gorgeous spring, (feeling more like summer than spring) weather, I was able to break out the spray paint! 

After finding this picture: 

I decided that my living room needed a little splash of coral this spring. I have a few vases and candlesticks that are my chameleons through the seasons and they were to be my victims once again.

I went to Lowe's and picked up Valspar's Coral Premium Flat Spray Paint and I was pleasantly surprised to see it marked down to $3.98 from $4.98. That's right. A whole dollar off. It was my lucky day! 

I know technically you are suppose to give the items that you are spray painting, light even coats to not get any drips, but that takes too long. Plus with the flat type it doesn't show drips as easily as the glossy type does. 

So I gave the the candlestick and vase two quick coats of spray paint before our walk. When we came back, everything was dry, ready for the bookshelf! 

(The colour is a little off from the picture to what it looks like in real life. It looks too bright here.) 

I love the splash of colour that the coral brings to my usual whites, browns, and blues.

 I'm ending my day happy with my little accents of coral. Now that I have almost a full can left, I'm looking around my house what else I can spray paint. It's an addiction I tell ya. An addiction. 


  1. Love that colour! It adds a great PUNCH to the book shelf!

  2. I need to change up a few things around here. Off to get spray paint tomorrow!

  3. Love the coral it really pops in the bookcase! Thanks for linking up last week at Whimsy Wednesday. I will be featuring this tonight at the linky party! Come over and grab your button and link up some more projects!

  4. The color is beautiful and I love this idea - totally inspiring. I just bought boring white spray paint for frames, but now I want to freshen things up with a fun color!!


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