Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY Scrapbook Paper Canvas Art

I love to procrastinate. It might be one of my favourite things to do... or not do? Sure, there are some things that are too important not to do, but then there are other things that only seem appropriate to leave till the last minute... like decorating a nursery. 

To be honest, my husband and I had everything we needed to make "the perfect nursery" before my daughter was born. We had the crib, rocker, change table, curtains, and paint for the room. But we never got around to actually finishing (or starting to decorate) the room at all. The decorating has been a very s-l-o-w process. 

Every now and then I see a cute art project on Pinterest, and I think to myself "Hey! That would be cute in Claire's room!". So I pin it, and forget about it. Well, no more! Here is an idea I saw, and thought "Hey! I should actually do that instead of being so lazy!" So here is my version!

First I started out with a blank canvas and 5 different colours/patterns of scrapbook paper...

Next, I cut the pieces of paper into 2" strips, followed by 2" squares.

 I then used my scissors and cut a rounded edge from the bottom corner of the square to the top corner of the square. I did the same thing on the opposite side, and voila! I had a pretty looking leaf shape. I did a bunch of these varying in sizes from small to large. I then cut a twoonie sized circle out of the paper to be the centre of the flower. 

After I had cut out a bunch of small leaf shapes, I placed them around the circle on the blank canvas to make them look like a flower. I played with the location of each leaf, and found it was easier to start with smaller leaves, and work my way to medium sized, then finished the outside edges with a few larger sizes. After I was satisfied with how the leaves turned out, it was time to glue!

I used my hot glue gun and dabbed a dot of glue on the back of the leaves and placed them on the canvas. I only burned my finger once, which was quite an accomplishment in itself. 

Here is my finished project! 

It now hangs in Claire's room, and hopefully it won't be the last piece of art, or craft project I complete for her. I love the bright colours against the white canvas. I did think about painting the canvas a solid colour for the background, but decided against it. 

I love that you can use any paper you want and create a different look every time! And this entire project cost me about $7 to do - not bad! 



  1. Visiting from the Live Laugh Rowe party... You did a fantastic job! I love the color scheme and papers you chose!

    sara @

    1. Thanks Sara! It was a fun craft to make, and it sure brightens up Claire's room!


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