Saturday, February 11, 2012

Planning Out Meals

Last year I discovered that if I planned my meals for the week, then I would save more money in the grocery store, save myself a headache each night wondering, "what shall we have for supper", and be able to try new recipes. I know. What a concept. 

I have two baskets of recipe books that I have bought over the years and that I was given for wedding presents. Some of them have sentimental value (such as family recipes) and others I just purchased in the bargain section. 

Lately though, I'm finding myself drawn more and more to Pinterest for new recipes. I can see what other people have tried, read reviews and try to put my own twist on different recipes. So in order to balance out all my pinning, I decided to plan my menu for the week around some of those pins.

Here's what I came up with (this is a two week menu): 

(Note that I don't necessarily plan meals for specific days. I just pick five recipes and whatever I feel like making for that night, I cook. It gives me a little freedom in case we don't feel like having chicken a la king that night. That was an example. I don't think I've ever made chicken a la king before.) 

The SuperBowl was last Sunday so I found these, which were YUMMY!

Of course, I threw in a few standbys: chicken and rice, pancakes, tuna casserole, salad nicoise, and frozen pizza (when I really don't want to cook).

Faith was the one that pinned the Beef & Sweet Potato Stir Fry first (as you can read here). It looked so good that I had to try it. It will be a new favourite.

 So next time that you're wondering what to have for supper or you are trying to plan out your weekly menu, try a few of those recipes that you have been pinning! 

I want to hear what your favourite recipe is that you have found on Pinterest! It could be a cookie (Try these for something amazing. Melody blogged about them too.), a smoothie, or something you made for lunch. 


  1. mmmm I made the avocado grilled cheese and it was delish! Pinterest is awesome for inspiring meals (check out my latest Pins to Projects post).

    I like your method of picking out meals for 2 weeks and just making them whenever you feel like - I very often plan meals for specific nights and then decide I don't want it anymore... ugh hate that! Your method sounds better!

    I agree - a frozen pizza on standby is a must.

  2. Amber, it's so much easier that way to decide what to eat, if I have controlled freedom :)


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