Friday, January 27, 2012

Ikea Rast Hack

Some of you may be familiar with the blog Ikea Hackers. Around Pinterest I have noticed more upscale versions of "Ikea hacking", and one particular idea I saw was the Rast Hack. 

Once I saw this bedside table I knew it was perfect for our room! And for only $39 I thought it was a great deal. So we now have now have two of these bad boys waiting to be transformed into our new bedside tables. 

I am really excited to get this project on the go since we are currently using end tables that we were given that are meant for the living room. Over this next week Jason and I (he has the tools) will be transforming these plain dressers into our own masterpieces. And since this is our first Ikea hack, I am really looking forward to the transformation. 

Have any of you tackled an Ikea hack before? Can any of you easily spend an afternoon (or two) scrolling through all of the awesome ideas on the hack blog, or is it just me? 

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