Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Things First

The other day I talked about preserving memories and Project Life. Although the actual Project Life concept is great, I was thinking it would be perfect for getting Gavin's baby pictures and my maternity pictures in an album. 

So yesterday I went shopping!

My first stop was at Sweet Sentiments, which is our local scrapbooking store. I asked about Project Life and although they didn't have any actual Project Life material, they had something similar from We R Memories

This packet that I chose had nine different page ideas. What I liked about this was that I could still use the 12x12 pages if I wanted. Which was good because I have three 12x12 pages already done. The cost of this packet was $9.99. 

Next stop was Home Sense (well, it was actually Starbucks, but that was just fuel for shopping at Home Sense). Home Sense just opened up this summer in our town and let me tell you I was super pumped when I saw that sign go up. We use to have to travel 45 minutes to shop at a Home Sense and now I just have to drive 10-15 minutes. Waaaay better!!  

So anyways, I was at Home Sense and I found tons of scrapbooking paper. If you want cheap, but quality scrapbooking paper, check out Winners or Home Sense. I find that it's a hit and miss there, but it's worth the hunt for the price. 

I got all this paper plus a few embellishments (stickers, frames, etc.) for $22! 

 After I brought it home, my new scrapbooking purchases inspired me to finish cleaning/organizing my craft room (I always do that when I buy something new. I feel like I have to have my house clean for that new's weird).

Here is a bit of my craft area: 


 And after my supplies were put away in their new home, I sat down and actually scrapbooked. That deserved to be in bold font. 

 It still took me forever, but this is what I came up with:

  I feel like I'm in the groove again. I just need to muster up the discipline to sit down and get out my supplies instead of just finding new layouts and designs. Also known as procrastination. 



  1. Looks great! If you find yourself wanting some project life stuff, I ordered mine here: I'm in LOVE with their new signature binders. (is it okay to love a binder?!)

  2. that's awesome, Heidi - I feel like I NEVER have time for scrapbooking anymore, so I'm totally in awe of your progress.

    ALSO - JEALOUS of your craft space - it's amazing!!!

  3. Kelly, I don't think it's crazy to love a binder. I hear ya! And good to know about that website. I'm going to check it out.

  4. Thanks Amber! It felt weird to actually sit down and scrapbook. Needless to say, I haven't scrapbooked since then, but it feels good to have ONE page done!


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