Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm not going to lie. I'm not the best with putting outfits together. Cardigans, jeans, and a pair of flats are my staple outfit.

Usually how I get my inspiration for outfits are from my sisters. I see something they are wearing, I realize that it actually looks good, and then I try to put a similar outfit together. We all know it's true. I don't really have much fashion sense. 

So, thank goodness for Pinterest for helping me discover my inner fashion designer. Or something like that. 

Here are some cute outfits that I've been loving: 


{source unknown} 

I know. Most of them are similar. I'm trying here people! There is a trend that you may have noticed throughout some of the pictures. 
You got it. Riding boots. My new fav. 

On Boxing Day, Jesse and I (and Gavin) headed to the mall and I wanted to see if there were any boots that caught my eye. And more importantly, were on sale. It was Boxing Day after all.
I guess it was meant to be, because at the second stop, I found them. Brown. Leather. Perfection. 

Regular $69.99. Marked down 50% off. Awesome! And in my size. Even better. 

But wait. 

There's more. Gift cards! So the price out of my pocket: $0. Now that is a good deal. (P.s. they are AE Equestrian Boots from Payless and are now sold out.)

 So now I'm on the right track towards some new styles of outfits. Of course, the staple: boots with skinny jeans. But then the possibilities are endless. Boots with skirts? Boots with leggings? Do I dare? 


  1. boots with leggings!!! Pinterest is totally bringing out my fashionista too.. in fact, my pin board is called 'fashionista'

  2. Amber, I would love to try leggings with boots...I just don't know if I'm that daring yet. I have a phobia of change! I love Pinterest for finding me new outfits :)


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