Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Sometimes I find things on Pinterest that almost seem too easy to do. Well... this is one of those things. If you are like me, you have about 10-15 electronic items around your house that require some sort of a charger cable. And if you are really like me, you only know where about 3 of those chargers are on a daily basis. If it's the charger for your laptop, digital camera, or cell phone, knowing where they are in your house can sometimes be a bit of a chore, and remembering which room you left them in last can be frustrating. Thankfully there are labels and wicker baskets for such an occasion. 

If you looked at this pin before, and thought the same thing I did, then yes, it is that easy to do. Maybe I want to organize my house because it is the new year, or I am just in the organizing mood, but it didn't take me too long to round up our cords and wires and slap a label on them. 

First: Locate all chargers in your house. 

Second: Label them.

Third: Put them in a basket, container, or drawer where you know they will be easy to find and to and use.

Such a simple way to keep track of which charger is for what camera, and of where to find them. What other organizing ideas have you found on Pinterest that have changed the way you run your home? I know there are a ton more ideas that I have found and want to try out in this year ahead. 

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