Saturday, December 3, 2011

Starting Over

So I struggled a little bit with what to write today. It's not that I haven't been in the mood to craft or haven't had the time, it's more that I don't have access to any of my crafting things or a space in which to do them. On Tuesday night, my husband and I came home from a date to find that our entire basement was under two inches of water from the extreme amount of rain that we had had. It really wasn't the perfect ending to the date. Instead of us putting the girls into bed and settling down to read the books we had bought, we ended up calling my parents frantically trying to get some help so that we could empty our basement as fast as possible including what is our family room, our storage room and my craft room/office. On Wednesday, we went back downstairs to assess the damage and figured that we would have to put everything through our insurance. For both of Thursday and Friday, contractors and clean-up crews were here tearing everything they could out of the basement and putting some industrial fans down there.

So that brings me to my post. I would love to be downstairs making beautiful things and decorating my house for Christmas but I simply can't. It's actually quite funny. I can see everything in my craft room but they have it all pretty much wrapped in plastic and I can't get to any of it. The rest of my house is a disaster as well and I'm missing things because they're under of piles of things that should be in our storage room.

On the bright side, no one was hurt with the flood. None of our actually important documents or things were ruined including our electronics. And, as a bonus, I get to redecorate our basement which was on our list of things to do for the winter. The flood just hurried us up a little bit. So for the next few days, I might be posting about things that we're picking for our basement. We're already planning on putting wainscotting on the lower half of the walls since they had to tear out that half of the drywall anyways. We're also considering putting ceramic tile instead of carpet down since we were informed by our contractor that this is not the first time that our basement has flooded. I do not want mildew. We'll compensate for the coldness with large area rugs.

This is the one that my husband likes:

Correction: Apparently THIS is the one that he actually liked:

And this is the one that I like but obviously just the style. It would have to be a porcelain look-a-like since I am neither crazy nor rich:

Tell me what you think!


  1. My one suggestion - I have tile like the one Seth likes in my house and I had tile like the one you liked in our last rental house. The darker one APPEARS to stay cleaner longer. The lighter the colour the dirtier it looks...really just depends on what you guys prefer...also with the darker, you could use darker grout which hides dirt too! :)

    Super sorry that your basement flooded!! What a set-back!! :( I'm glad you are able to see that it could be worse.

  2. **correction...we have the one like the first tile posted not Seth's corrected tile of choice

  3. Have you considered stained concrete flooring? This is what Edie just put into her finished basement ( and I love it! If you haven't been following her re-building process, you can also see pictures of it in her 31 Days series in the post about guest spaces. Just a thought. So sorry to hear about your flood -- your attitude, though, is amazing. Just one more thing to add to the holiday madness, huh?

  4. Go dark, never light! I have light coloured tile, and I have become overly concerned with cleaning it because it is always showing the dirt. But it would make the space nice and bright!
    Good Luck Mel!

  5. @jennibellWhat a great blog! Now I have some new decorating inspiration for my basement. I mentioned the concrete floors to my husband.

  6. @LightInEverydayThe one thing about going dark is that our basement is already dark and we have a golden retriever. We're going to try with mid-tones and see how that goes!


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