Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's a Ruffled Tree Skirt Kind of Christmas

It really is a ruffled tree skirt kind of Christmas. It seems like everywhere I look on Pinterest or on other blogs, people are crafting up a ruffled tree skirt. It's no wonder, because they are simple and beautiful! 

  This is the one that first caught my eye: 

 What really won me over was the title: "ruffle no sew tree skirt." No sew?? Count me in! 

  We were planning on getting our Christmas tree on Sunday, so Saturday I pulled my supplies together and started at it. 

  I had an old felt tree skirt from Dollarama that I purchased years ago and it needed some TLC. (Tender Loving Care, not to be confused with The Learning Channel. You're welcome.) 

A while back, my friend's mom gave my sisters and I a whole bag of single panel curtains that she had around her house. (Thank you Karen!) I knew that this would be the perfect project for one of those curtains. 

 I ripped the curtain fabric and burlap that I had into long strips. Most important tool for this project? A glue gun! Don't have one? Get one! (Name that movie!) 

I simply started gluing the burlap down in a ruffle pattern. Once burlap was glued all around the skirt, I started on the cream material. I didn't worry about the creases because I knew it was going to be hidden by the next layer of burlap. (The picture quality is from the TV glare because my husband was watching Hockey Night in Canada while I was working. It was Saturday night after all!) 

I decided to use a cream coloured material, because with our coloured Christmas tree lights, I wanted the tree skirt to be simple. 

And here it is snuggled around our Christmas tree!

It's not perfect, but that's how it's suppose to look. The edges that are frayed on the cream material adds to the rustic look that I was going for. 

With our coloured Christmas lights and family ornaments, this tree isn't magazine worthy, but I love it. 

Once the tree went up, even though it was plus 2 degrees outside, it felt more like Christmas. 

Didn't catch my Christmas home tour on Monday night? Click here to have a little visit!  

P.s. If you need help guessing that movie reference, it's from Toy Story 1 when Woody gathers all the toys together for a meeting. 

 Woody: "Does everybody have a moving buddy? Moving buddy. Don't have one? Get one!" 

  Only one of the best kid's movies ever! And yes, I have it memorized...

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  1. Looks awesome, Heidi!

  2. Now that is just too cute!!! I want to make this, but it probably won't happen before Christmas!! Next year for sure!! Your home looks amazing for the holidays, I love your names of Jesus print and your star on the door, I have been looking around at your other posts too! You have wonderful ideas, I'll be here awhile :) Thanks for stopping by my "home" too! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. I was going to name that movie, but you told us at the end... the tree skirt looks great! I feel like burlap is the new 'thing'

  4. I wish a could sew!!! Lovely. . .

  5. Wow, what a great skirt. I think it does look perfect and magazine worthy. You did a wonderful job.

    Mommy Sauri~


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