Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Really? A simple project?

Ever read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"? 


This classic children's story has mouse who starts out wanting a cookie, which leads to wanting a glass of milk, which then leads into needing a napkin and so on until the mouse is painting a masterpiece in the living room.

Sometimes I feel like that mouse.

When I was pregnant earlier this year, a simple plan to organize our spare room's closet turned into me sticking fancy contact paper on the closet walls to then deciding to paint the whole room (with non-VOC paint, so it was okay...besides the fact that it was difficult to paint because of my big stomach).

So this time, what started as a simple idea of putting my dishcloths into a cute basket, (you can read that post here) turned into organizing and cleaning out one of my kitchen cabinets. (And no. I am not pregnant again.)

(Jealous of my fancy knobs on my drawers? I know you are.)

It probably wasn't that crazy of an idea to organize since it looked like this before:

                  (Sorry. I had started pulling things out of the cabinet and then remembered to take a picture)

It's amazing the things you find when you clean out your cupboards. Two bags of icing sugar, three jars of yeast (expired in 2009. I must have been inspired to bake lots of bread back then), spices that I thought I'd lost, and a few more missing supplies. I guess I should really go through my cupboards more often... 

So once everything was out of the cabinet, I then started the fun part - tossing and organizing!

I cut some contact paper to put in the drawer that use to hold our dishcloths and towels. 

Then into the drawer went my spices, baking items, such as food colouring and sprinkles, and food wrapping.

Now I can see everything!

I topped up my jars that hold my baking supplies and then put everything back into the cupboard. 

Which then left space in the cabinet for my dishes and glassware!

This use to be their old home:

We have a VERY small kitchen and it's all about using the space creatively.

However, I have a small niece who can walk and a few more nieces not that far behind, plus my cutie who wants to grow up too quickly. 

So getting breakable things off of the shelves and into closed doors is important.

But back to the cute basket holding dishcloths and towels - the whole point of this project. I wanted to use something around my house and this is what I found!

An old clementine crate that I painted and put a label on.

So pretty.

I don't have a lot of counter space, so into the sink cabinet it went.

I think the dishcloths like their new home. As do the plates and glasses.

And me? I love that I can open the doors to that cabinet and I don't need to protect myself from falling objects. 

  Maybe someday I'll clean out the rest of the cabinets...

                                                                                                                                              ~ Heidi


  1. Wonderful job Heidi! It has taken me 35 years to clean out my kitchen cupboards!


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