Friday, November 11, 2011

Lights, Pinecones, Action!

Since the beginning of November I have started getting into the Christmas mood, and listening to Justin Bieber singing on his new Christmas album has only been the start. Pinterest has been helpful in giving me good ideas for how to decorate for the holidays. Now, I know it is still early to break out the multi-coloured lights, and cut down a tree, but I still wanted some kind of arrangement to make my home feel cozier as the days get shorter and colder. I came across this particular pin and found it was exactly what I was looking for. 

I purchased the pine cones and lights from the dollar store, which meant this arrangement was very inexpensive to create, and I already had the vase on hand.

It didn't take long for the vase to take shape. I skipped adding the twigs and icicle decorations, but I might add them as it gets closer to Christmas. 

It was such a simple way to add some warmth and natural elements to my home! I love the soft glow that the lights give to the pine cones. And since the vase doesn't have a giant red bow on it or flashy tinsel inside, I think this is a very appropriate winter decoration thats not just for Christmas. 

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