Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fighting the Crime Against Messy Bedrooms...

  I love to organize things. My computer even is organized to the max with all my documents and pictures put neatly into their own subcategories. 

 Looking at my home though, you may question my love of organizing. Sure, I have some things tucked away in baskets (I love baskets), but there are many spaces that still need some tlc. 
  Bedrooms are my nemesis for organizing. No matter how many times I clean up our bedroom, clothes still have the tendency to jump out of the drawers and closet and fling themselves all around the room. Funny how that happens. 

 Well this isn't about my bedroom. It's about my little guy's bedroom. 

 Sure. Things look cute and organized. These were taken after I had done a major clean of his room and tucked everything away properly. 

This is what the change table usually looks like (and even this isn't too bad, since I just did laundry): 

It's those clothes again. 

Left on his change table or thrown in a pile on the floor. He goes through a lot of changes of clothes in a day too. He is a baby after all. 

 This room is tiny. There isn't a lot of floor space for a hamper or a basket. So what to do? 

  Well, I was browsing through Pinterest and found this: 

Via: Prudent Baby

 I had an extra pillowcase hanging around from one of my shopping sprees at Value Village.  (Make sure you wash it first though! You don't know what kind of germs could be on it!) 

 I also had picked up an embroidery hoop on the same trip. 

  It's pretty easy to put together: 

 Take apart your hoop so that you have two hoops. Put one hoop around the top of the opening of the pillowcase. Place the other hoop over it. Tighten and look what you have: 

A super easy hamper! I hung up a picture frame hook on the door and set the embroidery hoop on it. 

  This is perfect for baby clothes, since they're light and small. 

 Now I need to figure out how to keep my clothes from jumping out of the dresser...

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