Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Tour {2013}

It's hard to believe that this is my third year of doing a Christmas tour of our home! I love decorating for Christmas and although our home will never be perfect (and that is fine with me), it is a cozy place where friends and family feel comfortable and welcome.
So, come on in!

I made this "JOY" sign from an old fence board from our backyard. It was super easy - took maybe 20 minutes - but it adds something special to our teeny tiny porch before you enter our home.
This Christmas, I didn't go crazy with decorating. In fact, a lot of things just stayed in boxes down in the basement. I find that not every single space in my home needs to be covered with something "Christmassy". Can I say that it's actually nicer when it's not? 
You might have already seen the mantle all decked out, but if not, you can hop over and read a little bit more about it here.
Our Christmas tree is decked out in little coloured lights and red, silver and gold balls with some of our favourite ornaments hung on the branches. We enjoy pulling out the old ornaments and remembering when we bought them or who gave them to us.
I dressed up our bookshelves a bit as well. My favourite Christmas angel that plays "Silent Night" stands in front of a bowl full of ornaments.
I printed off the "Joy to the World" letters from my computer and hung them up over our vintage map in the dining room. I also strung up white and red pom poms on string and draped the garland over the map. 
Gavin and I are doing a daily (at least trying to do daily...) Advent activity, Truth in the Tinsel, that teaches the Christmas story in Toddler-sized snippets with an ornament craft. We are both loving our time together in the morning, opening the Bible and focusing on WHO this Christmas season is all about. 
And that's our home all decorated for Christmas. Thank you for coming by!

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  1. I love the simplicity, and especially the mantle set up!

  2. Love your Christmas-y map! And the stamp nativity, so cute!

    1. The map is one of my favourite parts! :D

  3. I love your simple, beautiful decor - totally classy and warm and inviting!


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