Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Middle of Summer

I'm sorry our posts have been a little sporadic around here. Heidi was off on a family vacation (hopefully we'll get to see a few pictures from that!), and I'm still adjusting to having three little ones which means that when I have fifteen minutes to spare, it's usually to clean or fold laundry or all of those other things that I'm really not a fan of.

Life is certainly not boring around our house. This year we opted to finish the deck on the back of the house instead of going on vacation and my hubby has been working on that all summer. Now I understand why people hire contractors for this. It's a long process to get it done and get it inspected. I can't even help him since one of us has to be inside watching the kids and well.. Seth is a lot handier than I am so that's an obvious choice.

My two older munchkins are slowly adjusting to having a baby around the house although it was a little bit iffy about whether or not they liked him, but the verdict is in. We can keep him.

Which is a very good thing, cause how can you resist those little baby rolls and that sweet little smile?

I haven't gotten much done as for DIY, but I did manage to finish this blanket before Troy was born. I got both the inspiration for the colours and the tutorial from Three Beans in a Pod. This lady is crazy talented and extremely generous to offer this tutorial for free!

Since these are the colours that the nursery are going to be, it fits right in. I used mostly scrap yarn that I had in my stash so the brands are all over the place from Lion Brand to Caron Simply Soft. If you'd like the exact colours, I'm sure I have them written down somewhere.

This final picture is all three of my blankets that I've made for my kids. I love how the blankets suit my kids. Bella's is crazy and uses a whole bunch of colours, Sienna's is more lacy but still uses bright colours, and Troy's is definitely a boy's blanket.

Have you had any good projects lately? We'd love to hear what you've been up to lately!


  1. Beautiful family!! How's it going with 3?! We're debating a third, but I think we'll wait at least a year or so, then Audrey will be like 6/7 and can really help me ;)

    1. I'm not gonna lie, 3 kids under the age of 4 is a little hectic but it has it's good moments and bad moments! For the most part, it's wonderful :)


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